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Breakin’ Barriers provides supportive services and guidance that promote social justice and influence perseverance beyond adversity through a holistic approach that leverages inequity gaps.


Relatable tailored services provided to justice-involved individuals who have experienced traumatic injustice, inequity, and disparity.

Hope instilled healing and real opportunities for stability and advancement are provided to reduce barriers and foster motivation.


Individualized progress plans are identified and implemented as an opportunity to measure progress and determine processes to bridge gaps and promote continuous improvement.


Outsource your services to a data-driven subject matter expert where participants will receive quality care that will improve their lives and exceed desired outcomes.

Outsource your business startup and/or development needs as it relates to the process of achieving maximal performance and desired outcomes. 


Curriculum-based training services designed to enhance transformative discipline to interrupt unhealthy thinking & behavioral patterns and foster the renewal of mindset and adaptability.


Life skill development services promote self-awareness and motivational engagement that reconstruct responsible thinking skills, independent living skills, and social & emotional relationship quality.


Mentorship services consist of mutually invested consistent Mentor who will provide supportive guidance, systems navigation,  advocacy, and accompaniment that influences a sense of trust, safety, self-efficacy, and motivation for goal achievement.

What our clients are saying

I appreciate the expertise, affordability, and successful outcomes received from the proposal writing provided services that influenced the "winning bid" on a restaurant venue. The process was timely with education and awareness provided during the development phases of the process.

LM & AM, 2021

After going through the strength-building mindset & resiliency training, I now believe I can achieve anything I set my mind to. I had given up on getting a job. I felt so motivated to work and learned how to communicate responsibility for mistakes I made in the past without being angry.

Phylicia Briggs, 2020

The support offered during resiliency training motivated me to face the mistakes I made in the past and I was able to forgive myself so that I could move forward. The soft skills development session really brought me self-awareness. "I feel more prepared to re-enter the workforce."

Robert Shepherd-Holmes, 2020

After completing resiliency training, I was inspired and my perception changed. I view adversity as an opportunity to determine my purpose.

Lynn Barksdale, 2019

The knowledge I gained from attending the Emotional Wellness Seminar and the motivation of the Speaker inspired me to embrace adversity as preparation for my purpose.

Marcus Johnson, 2018

I never imagined that breaking negative thinking patterns and finding the positive benefit of a bad experience made me stronger, more disciplined, and resilient until I attended the development sessions". Now, I purposely reevaluate problems and view them as opportunities.

Angela Wells, 2018

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